Part-time bureaucrat wastes time on the internet
due South and associated hot Canadian actors help me to do this!
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"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

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james t kirk is an incredibly important fragile unexpected beautiful character who’s flawed and melodramatic and dorky and handsome and sexual and weird and HUMAN and cranky sometimes and deeply in love other times and a li’l chubby most of the time and he needs to be protected from everyone who thinks he’s a dumb hick who goes through women like tissues. protect james t kirk. this is the new prime directive

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Callum Keith Rennie & Paul Gross

Sorry not sorry :’) what can I say.. this had to be done, resistance is futile ;)

This is 10000% what I am here for: objectifying hot Canadians on the internet is my favourite thing to do in ALL THE WORLD

jackymedan is like the anti-due South anon. god bless you, my dear, god bless you. 

also all hot naked canadian dudes all the time.

this is my new favourite gif set I will be reblogging it every time i see it don’t pretend to be surprised

I know it’s just the cinematic convention of filming naked men from behind so we don’t see their cock, but the way both these scenes start with a close up of the face, turning around, showing bare shoulders and back, walking away from the camera, reveal of (gasp!) naked everything! sort of makes it look like they’re in the same scene and heading towards each other or am I just seeing what I want to see?

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I should probably eat food, but I don’t particularly want to and it’s a lot of effort. Finding the motivation to eat has gotten a lot harder since I started eating better.

Ugh this is my problem too, if it comes down to the choice between cooking food or not eating, I’m going to choose not eating every time. I’m lucky that I genuinely like salad and if you add eggs and a tin of tuna to salad then that counts as food but doesn’t feel like cooking. We are eating a lot of salad with egg and tuna.

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best headline.

phoenix temperatures didn’t break a record.


temperature is broken now.

we just can’t.

(109 in Tucson, completely tolerable but a bit unpleasant in the sunshine, really. worked on my bike outside, but in the shade, for a few hours around noontime. wasn’t bothered.)

"wasn’t bothered" says Cat. "The world was spontaneously bursting into flame in the unbearable suffocating heat, but it was completely tolerable"

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Chicago and the lake they call Michigan, this morning.

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(ahem I hope no one will think I’m obsessed with Paul Gross or anything if I admit to knowing that this was in fact not a wig he could just TAKE OFF BECAUSE IT IS HIDEOUS but hair extensions which had to stay on his head for weeks EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE HIDEOUS MARTHA THIS IS WHY HE NEEDS YOU WHY DIDN’T YOU STEP IN TO SAVE HIM FROM HIMSELF????)

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