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due South and associated hot Canadian actors help me to do this!
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Tumblr. Tumblr, Tumblr, Tumblr. Someone has gone to the trouble of reblogging a large number of very fine Due South posts, and rather than showing them all to me on the Due South tag, (which is what it’s there for! Does information management mean nothing to you!?), you rely on me being obsessive and idle enough to check out the blog on the basis of a single cool post? 

Or… Does Tumblr know me better than I know myself? Did it know I was going to do that? Has the cumulative weight of fandom love lit the spark, and allowed Tumblr to take the first step towards sentience? Today, pretty pictures of Ray and Fraser; tomorrow the Cylons decimate the Twelves Colonies.

But either way there’s plenty of Callum Keith Rennie, so that’s some comfort.

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  1. clevermanka said: I really hope you’re not referring to my collection that I posted today because I *did* tag them, and if Tumblr isn’t showing stuff that’s tagged I shall be *quite put out*. I mean, WHAT MIGHT I HAVE BEEN MISSING?
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