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due South and associated hot Canadian actors help me to do this!
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I really hope you’re not referring to my collection that I posted today because I *did* tag them, and if Tumblr isn’t showing stuff that’s tagged I shall be *quite put out*. I mean, WHAT MIGHT I HAVE BEEN MISSING?

Dude. I am. It was an awesome compilation of Due South posts, and I know you tagged them! Tumblr seems to only want to show new posts on the tag, not reblogs. Which shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the fannish mind. I needed to see ALL of those again, plus there were plenty I hadn’t seen before! So yeah, WHAT HAVE WE BEEN MISSING? It doesn’t bear thinking about. 

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  1. clevermanka said: *shakes tiny fist in anger at Tumblr*
  2. seussian said: Tumblr doesn’t show reblogs in the tags at all. A post is only shown once, when it’s initially tagged, and then you only ever see it again on your dash, or if you go looking for it. Also, your post will only show up in your first 5 tags. :P Weirdness
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