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As part of coping with the cognitive dissonance of believing that Ray and Fraser are real, yet simultaneously accepting that CKR and Paul Gross are actually actors, I watched Wilby Wonderful. I wasn’t expecting it to be very good, but since I’d honestly be happy to watch CKR and Paul Gross stand in a field for 2 hours I thought the bar for success was set low enough give it a chance.

And whaddya know, it was actually great! This is the film that all those “quirky small town” films are trying to be! I cared about all the characters, and the problems and dilemmas they face get resolved to the right degree to make you happy but not smother you in sweet. The place is a convincing mix of lovely community and horrible bigots and corruption; the music’s cool; Ellen Page is in it; and I now have a girl-crush on Sandra Oh. And did I mention CKR and Paul Gross? I did? Good.

Anyway here’s Paul Gross’s (see? I can use the actor’s name all the time. I know he’s an actor, and yet RAY AND FRASER ARE STILL REAL!) face doing things it never did when he was Fraser, and being terribly attractive as he does it. Look at that wolfish smile in the first one. He looks…tough? Mean? Like it wouldn’t be safe to turn your back on him. And, to my mind, like he’d be really good in bed but that’s neither here nor there.

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