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You might think, based on these images, that Last Night was some kind of CKR-based porno - and god knows I’d watch the hell out of that - but it isn’t. No, it’s an interesting, human, film about the last night before the end of the world and how people spend it. 

But if the message that I took away from this was oooh naked CKR! Kissing! Kissing a boy! More bedroom action that while not especially explicit I felt uncomfortable putting on Tumblr! Then well, who can blame me? The man is distracting, dammit. 

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    why cant i find any gifs of Sandra Oh in Last Night :(
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    I love this movie. Almost as much as I love this gifset.
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    since Livestream won’t play it, here is a totally representative gifset of Last Night that we can watch together. Some...
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    Haha, I thought about rewatching this earlier.
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    This is my favorite apocalypse/end-of-the-world film. I like how there’s a giant party in the middle of the city where...
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    THIS MOVIE. It is the most heartwarming of apocalypse movies that end with the whole world dead. I SOBBED SO HARD at the...
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    Yes, you need to watch this one. Right now. Do it. It’s awesome.
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    *_____________* Is that Darren Nichols he’s kissing in the 4th gif? …Geoffrey will not be pleased.
  21. somebrightneuroticstar said: May favorite gif is the one where he’s giving the finger. That little down-up movement he does with his hand strikes me as very Kowalski-esque.
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    Thank you for your dedication to public service, Deputy! #Canadian hypnotism