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Deeply important question about US weddings

For once the mighty internet is not giving me the answers I need. Obviously I haven’t been paying enough attention to all those wedding scenes in films and TV - this feels like something I should know, dammit.

As if you needed to ask, it’s due South related. Because I want to write a thing with Fraser as Ray Vecchio’s best man when he marries Stella, but now I don’t know if there’s even such a thing. But it’s like bromance gold, asking someone to be your best man, so I really, really, really want it to exist in America.

So is there a best man? Like, the groom’s brother or best friend, who looks after the rings, hands them over at the right time in the ceremony, and then makes a speech after dinner which traditionally contains rude jokes and/or embarrassing stories about the groom? I know there are groomsmen - are they instead of one best man? Could a small wedding just have one of them? Who could be Fraser and he gets to make a speech? Only his would be very polite? Please?

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  1. somebrightneuroticstar answered: There is almost always a best man. And RayV would totally ask Fraser to be his!
  2. seascribe answered: Yes, this is a thing we have! I’m pretty sure it’s the same? God, I want to read this fic like burning.
  3. thisisaslongas answered: Yes, best friends are generally best man. Or brothers. For girls, best friends or sisters get to be maid/matron of honor.
  4. catladyinwaiting said: Yes, indeed! And speeches are made! And best man is often also in charge of the stag party.
  5. passionslikemine answered: There are definitely best men in American weddings, and they have as much bromance potential as you are suggesting they do.
  6. diabolicalfiend answered: Every romcom that I have the misfortune to have watch would seem to suggest that there is.
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