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Ok this bit? Hugh Dillon finds time to cameo in a show CKR is in? And then they make these faces at each other?

Reminds me of that awesome fic Going Too Fast, Coming Undone by Spuffyduds which the author’s notes say is “wildly, extravagantly untrue” but y’know, I’m not so sure about that. Not sure at all.

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    i want to know more. i NEED to know more.
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    That’s not bad, it’s wonderful! It is the sign of an motivated self-starter with an inquiring mind, great intellectual...
  8. somebrightneuroticstar said: I am currently rereading that fic. So, yes, I will join you guys in that special hell.
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    Totally forgot Hugh Dillon was in this! … is it bad that I’ve read a whole bunch of HCL fanfiction and yet haven’t seen...